So I end up blogging approximately once a week. Life as a Singaporean student is, according to a certain FT, “nowhere near as stressful as we purport it to be compared to that of students from certain other countries competing for places in top schools”. As it is, I don’t seek to make cross-cultural comparisons with little consideration for differing social pressures that shape character and drive, but rather I choose to evaluate the state which I personally inhabit via my own criteria of experience and emotional response.
Aka, I don’t care how students in other countries have it, I deal with my Uniquely Singaporean stresses in my way.

So, I end up blogging with a thought in my head, and it blossoms into a rant. Anyhow, keeping busy isn’t too bad, provided it’s a pursuit of healthy purposes and endeavour of an honourable nature. To-do-list: Shooting, level CiP organisation committee, homework, Ycomm, “Disciple” Biblestudy, YM-camp. Well, not too bad I suppose. But now, I consider the selfishness of “certain” pursuits.

I’m still searching for a passion in my role in the shooting club, rather than a chase for another star on my testimonial. Similiarly, for the on-the-spur sign up for the level CiP thing yesterday. But then again, won’t someone argue with me on the tagboard why should I not seek these achivements? Haiz.

And now I remember I was going to blog about how I still have undone e-learning 0_o. And debating if I should do it instead of blogging. Too late then.


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