Track and Field finals, Bayley 1st again yeah!

I’m ashamed of myself at what a disloyal Baylean I am. So far, I own two Hullet tees, and a Morrison one, and I wore the Morrison one today 😀 Anyhow, I’m happy Bayley won, even though I’ve almost never done anything to gain Bayley points in the house championship over four years.

But, let’s move on to the issue of houses in schools and intra-school competition. What’s the point in internal school competition? To foster a sense of spirit which we desire the school as a whole to have? To give students outlets for their talents and ability? Then how about competitions without organised groups but with free student participation? Feel free to enter Track and Field competitions in school alone, or form a team for relay events, and let us watch just the best and the dedicated ply their art and win their accolades. Let students express themselves creatively at their own whim; they are free to keep their personal portfolios to dip into for an exhibition piece should an event arise.

So, let us choose to promote fierce student rivalry, competitiveness and subtle bullying in order to win participation points. Let us milk students dry in order to find the few drops of liquid gold in each individual, to erect the pedestal which we elevate ourselves as one body. One body with our common goals and aspirations, our similar tastes and interests, our identical outlooks and achivements.

I’m always so one-sided. Pah.


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