Hi Daniel, you claim I haven’t blogged recently and come to think of it you’re right haha. So erm… well, here you go. Although you probaly succinctly explained why my blog reader count/traffic is so low. But then, do I blog for other people or for myself?

If I blog for myself, then the old arguments of using a private journal versus a public blog where one could inadvertently (or intentionally) publish offensive material. But that’s tired to death, and anyway the feel of keys yielding before my soft and quick touches feels more relaxing and satisfying than the scribbled cramped strokes of a ballpoint pen, along with the hassle of a physical book and all that, so let’s shy clear of that.

So, if I blog for other people, do I blog on request? More pressingly, should we blog for other people? I know people (coughdanielcough) who obviously don’t blog for other people (coughdeadblogcough), but, what is wrong with blogging for other people? Does it encourage a character of subservience or that of living for others. Unless you blog for others so as to benefit/please yourself.

Is blogging for yourself, (or for others so as to increase personal status?), then, a narcissism? Is self-centredness the curse of this age of user-generated content and instant internet fame (and notoriety)? Or perhaps the area of concern lies in hedonistic pleasure itself. In which case, I am guilty as charged. Last five minutes of typing that was right fun innit?


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