Haha, hi Lincoln. I am not emo. I will not be emo. I will never be emo. Or at least give me a reason 0_o. Anyway my blog is super dead, guess i haven’t found the time or anything to blog about, and I’m super busy this week. Kind of sad how we always say we’re busy isn’t it? Think about it, youths, adults, all of us with schedules, our excuses are always “I’m busy”

None of us want to be busy, and yet we are. We tie ourselves up with things, things that occupy time, things that kill time. When we have nothing to do we invent something. When we’re busy we tell people not to bother us, and when we’re not we find something to busy ourselves with.

Is this preoccupation with being engaged something that lies in the grain of our beings, or is is a modern creation? Has man always sought something to do? Surely not. So, let’s take time to stop and smell the flowers, to rest and catch a breather, to simply be still, to be captured and enraptured by the sheer magnitude of what is, instead of being devoured by our own desires and goals.

Well, that was my taking time from the tempest of this week; after all, it’ good to philosophize and think once in a while’


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