Stayed at home all Saturday today, for the first time in, erm, likely at least 3 months. Shawn (Eng) and Samuel (Sim) came over to hang out for DP “hang out time” (omg punny! rofl). Why do I feel like this is so forced? Maybe because I don’t like to blog about things I do per se, but rather on more important things. So what’s that mean? I feel so “I’m blogging about what I did today!” But anyway, hope other Shawns can join us next time, ya?

Supposed to watch dvds initially but the 3 of us ended up playing Heroes of might and magic III and german bridge/card games for pushups haha. Turns out NYT monthly shoot is postponed to 17th Feb (Sunday), so you guys could stay longer haha. Shawn, you have an interesting way with words when you’re using other people’s msn accounts =.^ Anyway, if either of you two are reading this, thanks for the great time, and if anyone else in our group is reading this, hope you can make it the next time =)

As of this computer has been on for nearly 12 hours straight, so I think I’ll be going off quickly. Maybe turn off, and come back later. Anyway, random post for the heck of it =)


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