Week of death over. Year of death starting. Seeing as how the previous week was all about preparing for/first meeting of the year for stuff that I’ll be involved in in the coming year. Although I personally find the expression _____ of death both overused and inappropraite, cliches do often contain a modicum of truth. Rambling now.

First PT session of the year for shooting today. If this keeps up, most of us in the shooting club definately need to buck up our physical fitness. Met Bing Yang/Jon Wah/Rohan at the gym, Biang was supposed to go watch Cloverfield with me but he got persuaded it sucked so we ended up all going home with JW. Now I’m almost aching all over, but feeling good. Need discipline to work out more haha.

Ycomm/youth ministry stuff is weighing rather heavily on me mind, but I know I can and should be relying on God’s strength to glorify and serve Him, but there’s still some degree of pressure, and God works through people, so, yeah, work. Prayers appreciated.

Started a Livejournal account last night solely for the purpose of reading other people’s livejournals. Haha. LJ is so anal-retentive, and it’s not like they have an almost-monopoly in the market like Microsoft; look at Steve Jobs, he allows iTunes and iPods to work on PCs, albiet earning him money through the iTunes store, but still. Stupid LJ. Haha.


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