On Blogging and Writing

It’s become apparent to me that blogging and writing are two very distinct activities and forms of entertainment/expression, at least for myself. After having maintained this blog for some time, the difference between the work produced has become obvious to me.

To sidetrack somewhat, let’s discuss my subject combination. Triple science has always been obvious to me, so at the end of sec2 it came down to History vs Lit. Although I wasn’t sure about weather I had made the right decision, over the past year I’ve come to decide that History was in fact the right decision.

Although many people have told me that I should have taken Lit, I think that structured studying of a text would be much too stifling for me. History, on the other hand, although a “humanity” and definitely open to personal interpretation, is based on solid fact, and now seems more of a fit for my analytical mind. Perhaps lit would have stifled my own miniscule creative spark, from which I derive at least some joy

My creative written productions, although I self-deprecatingly put down, both to others and myself, brings to me a kind of indescribable pleasure to write. Of course, winning an accolade of some sort (or dare I dream, publication in the future) would be great, I admit that the chances of that ever happening, if not slim, are non-existent. But I’ve also come to the same epiphany that every writer has ever had, that the true joy of writing is not the product but the process.

Blogging, on the other hand, has always been a completely different ball game. I’ve always been afraid as coming over as too personal, too informal, too formal, too deep, or too whimsical. But reflecting on the revelation that writing is joy, from now on I’ll be trying to blog any way I like. Which may or may not be the previous style, but it will be a style that I’ll enjoy.

By the way, thanks Sean =)


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