Last day of school

Last day of school, and surprisingly enough, not very much celebration or merrymaking about it; we must all be getting old. Looking back at the past 3(?) weeks since the end of the EOYs, it’s actually been one of the best, most productive periods of not doing anything. And then, looking back at sec 3, it’s been great. Fantastic. Absolutely wonderful. To avoid sounding any more prosaic, I’ll just say it was eventful, and all to fast. Sec 4, here we come. 4 days till I leave for Hue, and then 14 days till I’m back.

I doubt I’m cut out to be the sort which write lengthy posts about important and unimportant events, or even just the the former. Perhaps I should stick to one-liners eh?

Stolen from Toonwei : Why is bread noiser than coffee? Because breadtalk and kopitiam


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