(x) things about my parents

I’m reasonably sure, or if not reasonably hopeful that most people (read, adolescents) argue/disagree/quarrel etc with their parents at least once in a while, and that’s likely one of the many things that allows me unimpeded sleep at night.

Sometimes I can’t stand my parents, but all the same, I’m quite sure I love them. I’m just not so sure about it, or perhaps, showing it. But, this, is a rant that hasn’t had very much time to cool off yet, so here goes.

In no particular order:

1) My mum (apparently) intentionally (often) misreads the time to ( or so i take it) coerce or falsely persuade me. ie, (at 11:30) “it’s midnight already, can you go and sleep!!”

2) My mum inexplicably finds my behaviour “unacceptably rude” at random intervals for no reason whatsoever and then starts scolding me…

3) She assumes I’m incapable of self-management and feels it is her duty to “guide my actions” by telling me to “stop sitting in front of the computer” and instead to “do chinese”
(wtf, that’s not even grammatically correct. And even if it was, what, pray tell, am I supposed to do?)

4) She apparently delights in pointing out obvious flaws (of mine) that I myself am painfully aware of, instead of offering any constructive criticism or just shutting up.

5) My dad’s idea of love is providing shelter, food, clothing, and education

6) My dad apparently thinks that everyone shares similar tastes as him regarding various things such as, most obviously, food

7) My parents believe that simply as my parents I do not deserve to be treated as an equal

I’m sure that if I tried hard enough I would be able to produce a longer list, but hopefully the rant is pretty much exhausted now. So, bad air out, good air in. Done. Apologies for the horrible centre alignment. I think it’s CSS related and I can’t work with CSS at all.


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