I’ve realised something about many problems that we face. On every level, from the macro level to the micro level, from global affairs to personal relationships, we mess things up mostly through our own selfish decision making.

Which leads me to ask (myself included) the Black Eyed Peas’ question, where is the love?

Take for example, poverty. Why do we have millions of people living under the poverty line in some places, subsisting on less than US$2 a day and not sure about their next meal and where they’re going to rest their head for the night? Perhaps, just perhaps, because of government policy that emphasises economic growth and industrialisation, taxing the poor to lure multinational corporations? Perhaps because of increasing pressure from the chairmen of these MNCs and the burgeoning middle class?

And then, overpopulation and AIDs orphans in Africa. How many Africans have heard of birth control or family planning? Why? Again, a lack of effort in lending that hand to care. It leads one to wonder where the billions pledged during the G8 summit have really gone.

And of course, Mr. Gore’s new gripe, climate change. American oil drilling in Alaska, coal power plants opening weekly to support Chinese manufacturing, need I say more?

Of course, all that has been written can easily be dismissed as unedited, unprofessional, unproven, unsupported, arguments, the nonsense regularly spouted by the New Media of the Internet. I do not purport to be an expert, I do not claim that all of my facts have been cross-referenced. What I do do is to state my opinion, regarding the problem and the cure. Although, there will always be some who would prefer the quick, easy, painless and plain better solution of nuking a few countries and occupying a few others.

Now then, let’s zoom in. Society’s longstanding problems include theft, overliberelism (read drugs, sex and rock n’ roll), murder etc. What do these stem from? Greed, self-gratification and giving in to our coarser instincts. Let’s give it a try and love someone the next time we steal a car or feign sleep in an mrt train seat.

People. Backbone of our nation, no man is an island, etc. Again, the next time we do something, let’s think about it, and when we do, let’s love someone. EDIT: Far too much I’ve done things I shouldn’t have, stuck my nose where it dosen’t belong, and paying hurts too much. Being a busybody or a meddler is something rather selfish isn’t it?

So, call me naïve, clichéd, simple, stupid or hypocritical, but I’m writing what I think.

-Straight from the ass’s mouth, unadulterated, unedited, and definately not thought through.


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