One last time and I’m off the stuff for good

And I love you,
love you,
naught but love you
(could I help my self)

I’m broken inside
shot through the soul
split down the middle
(leaking like a sieve)

Tick tock, hatchet and lock
the clock strikes midnight
and I’m too late
(was I ever not)

With startling precision I land,
fists upon my chest.
Tarzan, King of apes;
(was I ever any more)

So I guess it’s goodbye
will we meet again?
(I’ll never stand chance)

And the headlines will scream
teenager jumps
from his ten floor block
(and left a bloody mess too)

Disclaimer: This and the previous few posts were the pathetic yelping of a stray, lovelorn, little puppy I found bawling it’s heart, (and probaly soon it’s soul) out, abandoned and abused by the ravages of the world upon that strong and loyal, yet simulteneously soft and brittle organ we call the heart.

PS: and the next few are likely going to be equally out of character.


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