Part two.

Unnamed Obsession

Just the other night I woke in a sweat,
dreaming of you and your nameless beauty.
As I bolted upright in bed, my heart ached
with disappointment and regret.

Who are you nameless memory?
I must, I will, seek you out.
You are my nameless obsession,
but soon you will be found. You must!

You have haunted my waking moments,
you are the quickly darting shadow,
you tease me with unattainable beauty,
you torment me with unquenchable desire.

You have stalked me in the land of dreams,
too often your vision hath I seen.
In my sleep you approach,
silent as the night.
Oh nameless singing siren, hide from me no more!

I have no idea how that sounds when read. Actually, I don’t think it’s exceptional (with regards to my own very very low standards), but I like the concept. Part three isn’t completely written yet, so there will be no definite date for it’s *ahem* publication. And this was a day late, so apologies (which unfortunately don’t sound very sincere eh?)


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