The girl I saw

Just a day, just a day, just a day before,
I caught a glimpse, caught a glimpse, caught a glimpse of you.
You stood there, hidden in the crowd
You gazed up, right into the clouds.

My head, it turned, as I spied,
your splendorous locks buoyed in the wind.
And as I stared, I could not lie
My heart was aflame, my mind awash

You turned again, and I saw your smile,
and in it saw your beautiful vision
I could not stop to think and mull,
You are now my only mission

Alas, Alas, Alas, twas’ not to be
as you disappeared before my eyes.
And now my heart’s only cry,
Don’t go, don’t go, please don’t go

Well, this is supposed to be part 1 in a “mini-series” (if you’ll allow me), and in fact part 2 is done, but I’m too lazy to type it out now. So, it’ll be on either tonight, tomorrow, or latest the day after. This one sounds horrible if you try and read it, but not too bad if it’s sung, or at least read in a (sort of) singsong fashion, if you catch my drift. If not, please, try and enjoy anyway.


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