A cry of a desperate heart

I have made a pact,
I have made a vow,
I have made a deal,
I have made a promise,

Pact, deal, vow, promise,
what are these but simple agreements?
Standards, by-laws, rules and statute,
nothing more than instructions to follow.

Failure, then, is no doubt punishable,
and many times have I failed
yet punishment I have escaped,
my debt I owe to the Gracious One.

He is my God,
His grace and mercy abound.
His banner over me is Love,
He has delivered me from my evil,
He has pardoned me my sin

Lord, unworthy as I am
You have come for me.
Even as I do despicable things,
You seek to draw me close.
Draw me close, remake and clean me,
Oh, teach me to walk Lord!

I make again my vow,
to You I renew my promise,
Lord, help me to walk your path!


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