A challenge issued! Will you take this burden?

So often, in fact, if not all the time, we hide behing masks, afraid to show even the slightest, smallest fragment of our true selves. Our deepest darkest secrets, our dirty laundry, our secret vices, our personal pleasures, our individual aspirations and the like, we keep hidden beneath a facade, a facade of calm composure, of righteous anger, of false-self pity, of acted emotions, a mask so comfortable it has nearly become our skin. SO, dear reader, I challenge you today to take off this skin, strip off this facade, hurl aside this mask; embrace what you are, fear not the judgement of men, pursue your unique identity, for what good is it to live a pleasent life, a comfortable life, a good life, even a fantastic life, when it is not your own?

(Apologies dear reader, more to come, very soon, very soon. And if this failure to produce should upset you in any way, then my salutations, thanks, respect, admiration and deepest apologies dear reader, for you, sir or madam, are a pillar of support upon which this endeavour lies)


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