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Choices, choices, choices to be made
Swimming in a sea of fish and searching for decision.
Which one to chase, which one to bait,
which one to follow after hard?

From the west the siren sings,
From the east the whirlpool draws,
From the north treasure beckons,
from the south wafts the smell of home.

Choices, choices, choices all around
Things to do, things to day, things for which to rush.
“hurry now, we haven’t got all day,”
Look up, look sharp, million to be made!

“Do this,” “no that”, the clamour in my head,
from the angel upon shoulder and devil on the other.
Laid before my mind’s eye a score of figures,
Conscience, wisdom, logic compassion, resplendent in allure.

I see before my treasure of every sort;
Bread for the body, food for the mind,
Nourishment of the soul, sustenance of the spirit.
Treasure, treasures, if I could but possess you all!

Decide, decide, weigh and judge,
choose your path, waver not,
for the indecisive fool soon finds
he has lost every path.
Like I whose choice was to pause,
justly rewarded with the dust of worn trails upon the horizon.


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