Help Please

Graah, cbox not working. Does anyone want to help me make a tagboard work, or even better make me a skin ^_^. meanwhile, use comment please. On a completely unrelated note, Amsterdam by Ian McEwan is fantastic book. Much better than Paddy Clarka Ha Ha Ha anyway. Anyway, a couple of funny pieces, and then I’m of to sleep.

An ode to a mathematician
You are the intersection of beauty and grace,
you are my universal set.
My adoration is a quadratic function,
my love increases exponentially.
You are more beautiful then nature herself,
your beauty is greater than the golden ratio.
My superlatives as pi,
my praise is an infinite sequence.
Your radiance is a division by zero,
it is indefinable.
We are angles in a corner,
complementary to each other,
You are sine square theta,
And I am cosine square theta,
Together we are one.

An ode to your astronomer
You are my Venus,
the first light in my sky.
You are the moon of my sky,
the brightest object that I can see.
You are Polaris,
north star guiding my every stand.
You are Sirius,
your light endures through the deepest night.
You are a supernova,
your glory outshines everything else.
You are a black hole,
your attraction is irresistible.
You are Sol,
the Sun with without I cannot live.


7 Responses to “Help Please”

  1. whai ex Says:


  2. Xian Says:

    Yay, a tag! How strange
    Warm greetings and salutations,
    A haiku this is

  3. whai ex Says:


  4. Xian Says:

    Oh, hardly dead yet,
    We haven’t even started
    Goes to get cbox.

  5. whai ex Says:

    jx has dual personality omg!

  6. xian Says:

    stop spamming, administrator!

  7. xian Says:


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